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Re-Positioning privately-held businesses for optimum return on investment and future financial independence.

Succession Strategies Design & Implementation Management

Customized Employee Succession, Customer-driven Succession & Investor Succession.

Part-Time CFO

Management in Financial Planning & Analysis. Financial presentations with Advisors & Board of Directors.

Retirement Income Planning

Align Succession Strategy with Retirement Income Strategy.

Client Testimonials

What our clients say about our work.

Even while you help build wealth maps for your clients, you do it in such a way that they have an active role in choosing, co-designing and ultimately implementing. You don’t walk in with “the map” for them. You don’t hand them a cookie-cutter version that is used for everyone. It is personally designed.

Cathy Maday - Leadership Advisor of Wingspan Performance

Ms. Chien takes a very unique and personal approach with her clients. While building their wealth maps, she takes the time to find out each client’s goals, strengths, challenges, and finds out the direction in which they want to go.

Christy Mills - Owner of Mills Grading, Inc.

Chia-Li is an author, small business strategist she brings the highest levels of integrity and professionalism to her work. As a consequence, she has helped me and countless others maximize the outcome and positive results of our own work.

Eric Sbarge - Founder & Director of The Peaceful Dragon, Charlotte, NC

Books by Chia-Li Chien..

Work Toward Reward

Work Toward Reward by Chia-Li ChienIn Work Toward Reward, Chia-Li Chien, Succession Strategist at Value Growth Institute and award-winning author of Show Me the Money, presents the results of her Business Value Drivers Study. This two-year study reveals challenges business owners face and the Mission Critical Activities crucial to building a business in value.

Show Me the Money

Show Me the Money - Run Your Business like a Prosperous Investor by Chia-Li Chien. You’ve successfully started your own business and have created a comfortable lifestyle. What’s next? How do you get there? In Show Me the Money, author Chia-Li Chien shows you how to strategically innovate your business foundation and enable you to position your company to get the value you deserve.

Midas Marketing

We're a proud contributor to Midas Marketing; that uncovers true innovation in attracting market share and maximizing return on private business capital.

Chia-Li Chien received book awards from ...

New England Book Festival on Dec 23, 2013

Southern California Book Festival on Oct 05, 2013

DIY Book Festival on July 08, 2013

New York Book Festival on June 10, 2013.

International Book Awards on May 20, 2013


Testimonial for Award-Winning Books..

I consumed your book in about 2 hours and simply could not put it down! I've already quoted it several times to other business owners when our conversation turned to maximizing profit and creating a solid exit strategy. Few books can explain such deep business principles in more simple and easy to understand way. I consider it a privilege to have read it!

Jason Benham - CEO of Carolina Speech Services, Inc., Charlotte, NC USA

I just love Show Me The Money! Chia-Li Chien makes the case that most business owners do not manage their businesses to create substantial wealth – but that the opportunity exists to do just that. Ms. Chien then provides a structure to successfully grow and exit a business. I strongly encourage owners and managers to read and implement the lessons learned from this book.

Rob Slee - Founder - Robertson & Foley and MidasNation