Police Your Own Business!

Three Things to Watch for That Could Get Your Business Issued a Warning Ticket

Chia-Li Chien | March 03 2011

It was a sunny, early spring day and we were on our way to the North Carolina Zoo. While traveling on Highway 49 and enjoying the scenery, we noticed a state trooper. Sure enough, as soon as we made eye contact, we got pulled over. The officer asked my husband T.C. why he was not wearing a seat belt. Well, due to his torn left shoulder, he wore it differently. The state trooper collected his information while we waited silently in the car with T.C.’s favorite NPR show “Car Talk” now turned off. The trooper came back with a warning ticket and informed T.C. that unless he had a doctor’s order, he must wear the seat belt the correct way, meaning visible and not under the arm. It was a relief that T.C. just got a warning ticket, nevertheless, it’s on his driving record now.

In small business, no one polices your business, not even the IRS. Your CPA and the IRS don’t really care whether or not you make a profit, although if you do make a profit, you may end up owing them more money. But they don’t serve as your “cash police.”

How often have you wondered, “how come there is no cash in the business checking account?” Here are three warnings to be aware of if you want your business to continue to create value. Remember, no one is policing your business but you.

1.    Negative Net Profit – Perhaps you don’t know your net profit until your CPA completes your tax return. I would say that all of my clients do check their profit and loss (P&L) statement on a monthly basis. If you don’t, you should get in the habit of checking that P&L on a regular basis to know whether or not you are running your business with a positive net profit. If you are, congratulations, but if you are not, you just got yourself a “warning ticket.”

How to Turn Your Meetup Group into Profits & Oprah-Sized Publicity

by Maritza Parra | March 2, 2011

"You can have the best product or service in the world, but if people don't buy, it's worthless. So in reality it doesn't matter how wonderful your new product or service is. The real question is will they buy it?" - Noel Peebles

Have you ever had a huge business opportunity "seem" to pop out of thin air..?

A few years ago, I was about to leave my house to go to a Meetup group I organized. My phone rang and the caller ID said "Harpo Inc".

Yes... that Harpo. One of Oprah's producers called little ol' me!

How and why did this happen? Because I built a platform for my area of expertise on Meetup.com. If I can do it, you can do it too.

Why Does "Good" Advertising Sometimes Fail?

by Bill Glazer | February 27, 2011

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. Teach a man to create an artificial shortage of fish and he will eat steak." - Jay Leno

At least once a month, I get a question from a Member who sends me their advertising to critique for them where they received lousy results. They might have sent me a direct mail piece that they developed or one of mine that they copied that failed miserably and want to know why.

I was particularly reminded of this at one event I was speaking at when a jewelry retailer approached me with... "Bill, make sure you continue to make the Thanksgiving cards available to us GKIC Members, I used it last year and it was one of the BEST things I did." This amused me because just a couple of months back, I received a rather nasty note from another jewelry retailer who tried the Thanksgiving Promotion and reported a lousy response.

So, today I'm going to talk about why some advertising succeeds for some and not for others. Or in other words...
... .why does "good" advertising sometimes fail?

Boost Response With Your Copy

by Bill Glazer | February 20, 2011

Beyond the critical components of OUTRAGEOUS advertising, which I teach and highly recommend you use in your marketing, there are optional components that will enhance response even more.

While they do not have to be used every time, you'll find that when properly used, they become BIG COPY RESPONSE BOOSTERS. Four of the biggest copy response boosters that I concentrate on are:

1. Personalization
2. Double Readership Path
3. Photos/Illustrations
4. CopyDoodles

Today I am going to talk about the first two on the list, personalization and double readership path.


People love to hear the sound of their own name. Not only do they like to hear it, but they also like to see it in print, and that is especially true when it comes to advertising. Your name makes you feel like someone is writing specifically to you.

Who Is Your Website's Biggest Competitor?

by Steve Shaw | February 16, 2011

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. Teach a man to create an artificial shortage of fish and he will eat steak." - Jay Leno

Have you ever noticed that you only do your best when in hot competition with others?

For example, competitive runners tend to achieve their best times when running against competitors. They might be an excellent sprinter, but the odds are they will not run their personal best on their own. It's usually the competitive nature of the race that makes them excel.

The quest for a higher search engine ranking can work in the same way. When you are trying to get a higher ranking for your site you are not operating in a vacuum. You have competitors, and you need to play like you want to win.

Your progress is not only dependent on your own marketing efforts but also those of your competitors. It is likely that other websites will outrank you if their marketing is more consistent and focused.

7 Secrets to Advertising on Facebook

by James and Joey Bridges | February 09, 2011

"Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better." - Jim Rohn

A market that has 600 million+ people and growing provides an opportunity to generate additional sales. The advertising platform on Facebook has been available for slightly over 18 months.

Being a first into a new marketplace has advantages and disadvantages. Over the last 18 months we have consistently generated a return on every dollar we spent on Facebook. We did this for our business as well as for our clients. What we have discovered is a tremendous opportunity to generate sales.
Before we get into the 7 secrets to Facebook advertising let's be clear that advertising on Facebook is not for every business. Businesses that have customers that are easy to identify stand the most to gain. For example a business that targets groups such as doctors, lawyers, nurses, and trade groups can be up and running quickly on Facebook.

These secrets below have come after spending tens of thousands of dollars. We believe that the goal of advertising on Facebook should be to acquire additional leads and sales for your business for as little as possible.
1. Creating a profile of the customer that you want for your business. On Google, user's type in search phrases which you choose to advertise on. Facebook users are checking in with their friends, family, and coworkers. They fill in their profile information and you can choose who meets your best customer. The more you know about your ideal customer the more profitable your advertising experience will be.

9-Strategies You Must Do To Reach Your Goals In 2011

by Bill Glazer | February 13, 2011

"The fact is, everyone is in sales. Whatever area you work in, you do have clients and you do need to sell." - Jim Rohn

Are you still on track with your goals for 2011? This month I want to give you some specific things to focus on for the rest of the year that will give you the opportunity to make sure you reach those goals (hopefully) you set for your business before this year began.

When I'm speaking about goals, they can range from the amount of money you want to make this year, an increase in business, and anything else that is business related for that matter. If on the other hand you have already surpassed or are on track with your goals, then these strategies will help you create even more profit from your business for the rest of the year.

Strategy #1 - Have Clearly Defined Goals: It is imperative that you set goals as behavior psychologists tell us that people who set specific time bound goals have a five time better chance of achieving those goals than people who do not.