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Chia-Li, was by far, our favorite instructor/speaker at the Angel Capital Summit 2010. It is obvious that she likes what she does. She was extremely informative and engaging. Her message was clearly delivered. She had the students interacting with each other and the 1 1/2 hour class flew by. I believe that her message will stick with me the longest.
Date of Posting: 09 December 2010
Posted By: Lucy Boody
owner/partner, KINGS ARMOR
I truly enjoyed Show Me The Money. Being a CPA I work with entrepreneurs every day and wish that they all took the time to read Ms. Chien’s book. The exit strategy is one of the most important parts of any company’s plan and the most often overlooked. The book shows amazing insight and regardless of the size of their company they will benefit from reading this book. In addition, it provides some excellent tools to assist any business owner with their planning.
Date of Posting: 28 October 2010
Posted By: Julie Ayers
Julie Ayers, CPA, Partner of TOLER, BLY & ASSOCIATES, CPA, PLLC, Matthews, NC, USA
Getting started is hard, but maintaining it is a different challenge in itself. "Show Me the Money" Run Your Business Like a Prosperous Investor" is a guide to pushing one's business further after you've gotten started. With empowering advice to help along the way, understanding true business value, attaining financial independence and knowing when to quit, "Show Me the Money" is a fine guide to the world of making a profit.
Date of Posting: 07 September 2010
Posted By: Burroughs' Bookshelf
John Burroughs, Reviewer of Midwest Book Review, Oregon, WI USA
Chia Li's first book, Show Me The Money , is written for the small business owner, yet is applicable to any of us who are "just working" in a job without thought for tomorrows impact, net value or legacy. Borrowing from the successes and failures of her eclectic clientele, one learns not only how to build net worth, but to reach out to industry professionals to help us value our business and craft a wealth creation plan. While written for the small business owner, the approach of value creation is directly applicable to a business focused value creative IT portfolio driven organization. For that reason, as well as the cultural and personal finance learning found throughout the book, I am happy to recommend Chia Li's book to my friends and family. See full article:
Date of Posting: 10 August 2010
Posted By: Michael Rochelle
Microsoft Infrastructure Account Manager, Dallas, TX USA
I finished your book "Show Me The Money" last week. I will tell you that was one of my top five business books I've ever read and would recommend it to anyone that is in business for themselves. The concepts in your book are crucial to building a business right. No other book that I've read touches on the things you talk about.. Thank you writing that book!
Date of Posting: 24 June 2010
Posted By: Dave Hughes
CEO of DHI Construction Co., Charlotte, NC USA
In Show Me the Money, Chia-Li Chien emphasizes the importance of succession planning; and through her keen storytelling, she brings it to life. If you think you will just pass your business on to you children and retire, think again. Chien asks you to reconsider and gives a compelling reason why. Chien has a knack for breaking down what could seem like a complex maze of complicated choices and gives you step-by-step, easy-to-understand methods for getting it done. Show Me the Money is a must-read resource for discovering the right path for you and getting the most out of your business.
Date of Posting: 06 June 2010
Posted By: Jennifer Bouani
author of the Future Business Leaders' Series (TM), Atlanta, GA USA
This book "Show Me The Money" is a must read for new and established business owners. It is especially useful for new entrepreneurs who are in the infancy of building their business as it provides a road map from which to operate from the inception to the selling of the business.
Date of Posting: 30 May 2010
Posted By: Laquinta Khaldun
CEO of Carolina Speech Services, Inc., Charlotte, NC USA
As small business owners we are taught that it is important to take time to work on our business, not just in our business. But short of the general goal of increasing revenues and boosting net profits, most of us don't really know what to work on for what matters most -- growing the long-term value of our business. Chia-Li Chien's new book Show Me the Money reminds us of how critical it is to become "value architects" in our business, maximizing its value so that we get the highest rpossible return on all the years of hard work, risk and sweat we invested in our business. With lots of real-life examples and case studies Chia-Li clearly shows the pitfalls and dangers of growing revenues but failing to grow value, and the folly of expecting to simply "sell the business for a whole bunch of money" when we are ready to retire. Chia-Li's book points out that most small businesses simply close their doors, are given away, or sell for a small pittance -- regardless of how much equity or sweat we've invested over the years. But the good news is that a handful of small businesses do create maximum value and can be sold or transferred in a way that gives a high return on investment and allows the owner to retire or move on to other ventures with financial security. Show Me the Money clearly describes for us the steps we must take to grow the value of our businesses and develop a sensible exit strategy, and it offers resources and tips to help us implement those important steps. This relatively short, very easy-to-read book will be a valuable addition to any small-business owner's library -- in fact it could be the book that prompts any one of us business owners to double or triple the real value of our business.
Date of Posting: 27 May 2010
Posted By: Eric Sbarge
Founder & Director of The Peaceful Dragon, Charlotte, NC USA
There’s only one thing better than the wisdom Chia-Li Chien shares in this book – and that’s having the privilege of working with her as our business strategist. We never really knew how little we really knew until we spent an hour with her — and for all of you who aren’t working with a pro, we have only three pieces of advice if you want to get the most from the lifetime of work you’ve invested in your business: 1) read this book "Show Me The Money", 2) read it again, and 3) hire a professional like Chia-Li for yourself!
Date of Posting: 26 May 2010
Posted By: T. Falcon Napier
Founder Tension Management Institute, Davidson, NC USA
I just love Show Me The Money! Chia-Li Chien makes the case that most business owners do not manage their businesses to create substantial wealth – but that the opportunity exists to do just that. Ms. Chien then provides a structure to successfully grow and exit a business. I strongly encourage owners and managers to read and implement the lessons learned from this book.
Date of Posting: 23 May 2010
Posted By: Rob Slee
Founder - Robertson & Foley and MidasNation, Charlotte, NC
Just because you expect it, hope for it, or dream of it, doesn’t mean you will actually end up with the value you think you should from your business. Chia-Li Chien outlines in the book "Show Me The Money" how to make getting that value a reality.
Date of Posting: 23 April 2010
Posted By: Aifen Cathy Chang
CEO of Asia Victory Limit & Evertop wire & cable Co. Ltd., Hong Kong
This book "Show Me The Money" helped me understand how important my business is to my future, and how I can make the business work for ME!
Date of Posting: 15 April 2010
Posted By: Vincent Chuang
President of VeeHo Industrial Co., Ltd., Taina Hsien, Taiwan
Whether starting out or trying to get out, every business owner should read this book "Show Me The Money." It will make you think about what you want from your business in ways you’ve never considered before.
Date of Posting: 19 March 2010
Posted By: Aprill Jones
Senior copywriter and partner/owner of Chuck Jones Direct Response, Charlotte, NC
Chia-Li is the one person that we trust with the growth of our business and our future. She is not only a brilliant strategist but also know and feel that she cares about her clients. She has connected me with future clients and customers and continues to think of our business every chance she gets. She is truly a connector extraordinaire.
Date of Posting: 17 February 2010
Posted By: Linda Napier
Executive Director of Institute for Productive Tension, Davidson, NC USA

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