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Consultative Sales: The art of proper preparation, skillful conversation and distinctive service.

Mary Jo Lyons  | Jan. 24, 2011

Approaching the Client Interaction

Business owners, sales consultants and advisors often ask me what is the magic in getting more clients to say yes? The magic is in engaging with your clients on a personal level and discovering their hopes, their dreams, their goals, their families and most importantly their fears. I often refer to this as “The Good Stuff”. It’s the good stuff that gets to the heart of the client and this is where we make the emotional connection with people.  In order to enjoy more MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL conversations that end in yes you need to ask better questions. Questions that will uncover information that you can then use to your benefit to create an awareness of needs, to get the client to acknowledge the need and then provide a solution. You can best do this when you follow a disciplined, repeatable process. Using this approach to your conversations will get you more powerful connections.

What is a power connection?

A power connection is one in which you and the client make an informed, mutually beneficial decision. Mutually beneficial is a win-win for both parties.  The goal of this newsletter is to provide small business owners and independent professionals sales tips and best practices that when applied consistently will result in more powerful connections and client conversations that end in YES!

Creating Impactful Conversations

You have heard it said many times that people like to buy they don’t like to be sold!

The client interview is your opportunity to explore a client’s circumstances for things going on that make the client want to accomplish something; Feelings the client has a bout a problem or situation; events that may be taking place in the client’s personal or work life.  There is no better way to gain trust than through a good client interview.  Without trust nothing else matters. It’s an intangible that overrides the importance of any product, service or experience. It’s the foundation and one of the most desired qualities in a relationship. TRUST just might be the biggest differentiator, the most sustainable competitive advantage that business owners can secure. Think of the interview as a direct link from your value proposition or value statement. With your branding message you set the stage to ask them a series of important and sometimes hard questions.

In other words… what you say you do, what you ask and what you do, have to be the same.  They have to link together in order to build trust. An effective interview puts the client at ease while the consultant earns a higher degree of credibility. In any business there are 3 Key things that a customer wants…quality, value and a reason to buy.  “What can you or your firm help me accomplish that is important in my life.

Where is the client coming FROM?    Family, Recreation, Occupation, Money

  • Capabilities - The final differentiator is you. How do we fix it? It’s how you master the client conversation model, explore further, and dig deeper, that will set you apart.
  • Value - We want a relationship that builds confidence. We want to feel good about our decision. Clients want you to lead them down the right path and provide a reason to buy.
  • Quality - Create a leadership environment where you demonstrate expertise.

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Mary Jo Lyons, CFP
An independent financial advisor, providing clients unbiased objective advice, education and guidance in regards to their financial goals.  Mary Jo uses a disciplined process partnering with clients to stay dedicated and focused in achieving their individual financial plan.  She has extensive expertise in designing financial strategies for individuals, families and small business owners, planning today for the uncertainties of tomorrow. She can be reached at, 704.658.1040 or

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