Treat Your Affiliates Like Gold, And They'll Multiply Like Gremlins

by Jay Deiboldt | January 30, 2011


If I could offer you a "Surefire" answer in 10 words or less... to the all important question:

"How do I get more affiliates to promote my products?"

...The title of this article would be it.

Too many product owners make the mistake of focusing all their time and energy on 'getting that next customer', and don't even realize they're neglecting their biggest point of leverage... Affiliates.

There are only 24 hours in each day. You can't expect to get to the top of your industry all by yourself. You'll eventually hit a ceiling.

...And in order to break through this ceiling you're gonna need some help.

Help which can be found by looking to your Affiliates.

Affiliates allow you to leverage the very limited time you have, by doing all the 'grunt work' of going out and getting new customers FOR you.

Its almost like they gather up potential customers you may have never found otherwise, and drop them off right at your doorstep (aka your sales/squeeze page).

Do you see how powerful that is?

It's exactly why you need to give these affiliates a damn good reason to perform this service for you.

... Because if you don't, they'll move right on over to your competitors and start stuffing 'free' money in THEIR pockets by going out and getting THEM customers instead.

You see, affiliates are not always the most loyal folks - or the most motivated.

They generally go where the money is, and where it's easiest to get it.

And who could blame them? They have a ton of options when choosing which products to promote online.

So how do you make sure at the end of the day, YOURS are the ones they'll be sending their traffic to?

Here's a 4-Step Action Plan you can begin implementing immediately to start producing loyal, happy affiliates who not only push your products feverishly, but tell their affiliate friends about you too:

STEP 1: Have a Great Affiliate Page -

You need a page on your site with lots of tools to help your affiliates promote your product. The more tools the better -- You can never have too many.

Give them things like:

  • emails to send out
  • articles to submit to directories
  • tweets to post to Twitter
  • Facebook status update options
  • banners to put up on their sites
  • adwords ad examples and Keywords
  • landing pages
  • thank you page ads to put on their download pages
  • reviews of your product for their blogs
  • text links
  • tell-a-friend Script

STEP 2: Train Them Well -

Show them HOW to use the resources you've given them to successfully promote your product.

Show them:

  • Where to post their articles (how to do article marketing - if you don't know how, you can just Google it)
  • How to sign up for Facebook/Twitter and post to them
  • Popular e-zines within your niche where they can buy solo ads
  • How to use the Tell-A-Friend Script


STEP 3: Shame Them Into Promoting (in a nice way, of course) - have a contest to get their competitive juices flowing.

One example of this could be: "Most Sales for the Month of February Wins an iPad" or whatever you'd like to give away.

Create a Top 10-20 Leaderboard on your affiliate tools page and update it frequently during the contest. Email your affiliates when you do because it will give them a reason to promote harder.

This causes competition among them. It fires them up and makes them try to outsell one another...

The more fired up you get them about winning and making money, the more sales you'll see come rushing in.

STEP 4: Don't Forget About Your Customers -

They won't send you volume, but they will send you some of the most warmed-up, qualified traffic you can get.

After all - they're your biggest fans, right?

Many marketers are scared they'll step on some toes if they try to turn their customers into their affiliates - Most of them couldn't be more incorrect...

As long as your product provides great value to your customers (and as a GKIC follower I'm sure that IS the case), they will be more than happy to spread the word for you while making some extra cash on the side.

Turning your customers into your affiliates can be as simple as adding one single sentence to your members area/download pages:

Click Here To Help Others _____________ And Make Some Extra $ For Yourself In The Process:

Just fill in the blank according to what your product helps people do (sell real estate, get fit, flip houses, etc) and then link to your affiliate tools page.

That's a very non-invasive way of getting your customers to spread the word about your product no matter what niche you're in.

Plus you're giving them everyone's favorite incentive to do it: CASH!

The news is all doom and gloom about how the economy has supposedly gone to hell.

Because of this, people are now, more than ever, seeking out ways to make extra money.

Most of your customers will be thrilled at the opportunity to promote a quality product that helps people, while making some money for themselves in the process.

They can be a VERY powerful source of referrals if you treat them well and give them the right tools and training to become successful.

So now that we know that 4-Step process, the question is this: How do you get your affiliates to "multiply"?

Here's a hint - It's also the secret to getting massive affiliate support in a very short period of time.

The secret is this...

When you have a quality product that converts well, and you make it easy for your affiliates to promote, word starts to spread...FAST.

A few months ago I was involved in an offer that did $1.2 million in under 5 weeks with no 'launch tactics' whatsoever.

All the support we got was based on word-of-mouth as a result of the top-tier affiliates talking to one another and hearing about how our offer was converting well.

That's all it took. As they all started promoting, more and more people jumped on board and it started gaining serious momentum.

Before long, we had broken 7-figures in sales - Without even breaking a sweat.

That's how it works when you follow the steps. Things just fall into place.

There was really no secret behind what we did. Just a few key principles like the ones I've just shown you -

Why It Worked So Well:

  • We had a converting offer (Affiliates were seeing $2 Earnings Per Click on average throughout the promotion)
  • We had lots of great promotion tools for them (Including tested email copy, and almost everything from STEP 1 above)
  • We treated them well - (Bonuses for X amount of sales)
  • We ran a contest (Causing them to compete against one another)

That's pretty much all there was to it. Don't try to complicate things.

If your offer converts, and you follow this simple 4-Step Action Plan, you should start seeing more sales roll in almost immediately.

It should take you less than a week to implement these strategies. Once in place you'll be amazed by the dramatic increase in your revenue...

For months and years to come.

But remember - these are just words on a computer screen until you begin taking action on what you've just been shown.

So get out there, and make it happen!


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