Where Will Your Prospect & Profit Pulling Content Take You?

by Jeff Herring | April 10, 2011

The ability to create prospect and profit pulling content whenever you want is a powerful skill. Yet so many entrepreneurs have convinced themselves that they cannot write or create content.

Or maybe someone else has convinced them. I never finished my Ph.D. in Marriage & Family Therapy. A couple of professors told me I could not write. And then I made the mistake of believing them.

Then just last fall one of those professors signed up for one of my Content Creation TeleSeminars. It was a cool moment over 20 years later.

Here's the reality - if you can write a 7 item grocery list you can write a 7 tips article that will bring you more prospects, publicity, and profit. I so strongly believe in that statement that I'm willing to trick people into creating content, even if it makes them cry. I did just that several years ago on a training teleseminar. This one particular woman believed she could not write. More than a simple limiting belief, she was absolutely wed to the idea that she could not write.

So I tried all my favorite tricks on her. Brick wall each time. So finally I gave up. Or at least acted like I gave up.

So I began to ask her a little bit about her niche, just to get her talking about something else. Then I asked her if she could give me a tip or two, if I was her ideal client coming to her for help. She gave me 3 tips. Good sign.

Then I asked for a couple more, and got them. Then a couple more and got them.

So then I asked her to tell me some more about 2 of the tips, which she did. (I was taking notes the whole time.)

Then I told her that, believe it or not, she had just written her first article. She just created her first content.

That's when the crying started. She has since gone on to create hundreds of articles, and build a six figure business around it.

The Power of 7 Tips Content

One way to create your content is the "hard way" like when you were in school. You know, lots and lots of research, have to follow a certain style, etc, etc.

The good news is you can come back to right now, because those days are over.

The better way to create your content involves 3 key criteria:

1. Write like you talk, in a conversational tone
2. Create from your own expertise - with info you already have
3. Use that info to fill in the blanks with content templates.

I hope this is beginning to sound doable for you. I could make this harder for you, but why?

Now, pick a specific topic in your niche. In fact, the more specific the better. Now make a list of 5 - 7 tips you would offer an ideal client. This can be a list of tips, suggestions, warning signs, things to do, things to avoid, etc. Use your imagination and what is best for your customers.

Now that you have your five to seven tips, your next step is to come up with about 60 or so words of explanation for each tip. Explain why each tip is important and the benefits of each.

Do this for each of the 7 tips and you now have a great 400 - 500 word article. By now you can see how doable this can be. You can also see how you could create lots of content just by doing this 7 tips process for many different topics in your niche.

But don't stop there...

As Dan and Bill teach us, it's a great sign when someone says this about you - "No wonder they are so successful, just look at all they do!"

So look at all you can do with a 7 tips article:

1. Take each tip and create article content from that tip. You already have it started with the first 60 words. Now just come up with the next 340 or so words to create another article.
2. You can also take each tip and turn it into a chapter in an ebook or traditional book. This is done by adding case studies, testimonials, examples, stories, deeper content, etc.
3. Take each tip and turn it into a video. Don't make the mistake of delivering all 7 tips in one video on YouTube. Take each tip and repurpose it into a video. Now you have at least 7 videos online working for you.
4. The list of all you can do is long. Start with the 3 suggestions above and you will create a ton of content.

You Never Know...

When you have lots of content available online, you never know who will notice it and where it will take you. Because of an old article about couples getting ready for the birth of their first child, I ended up in Pregnancy Magazine. Not a credit I ever expected.

One of my students, Felicia Slattery, is a communications expert and teaches clients to create their signature speech. She ended up with a great business building feature in Cosmopolitan Magazine from just one article that got noticed.

Another of my students, Tonja Weimer, got a Dating Life expert gig with MSNBC from just one article that got noticed.

Where will your content take you? Get it out there and let's find out!

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