How to Get More Business From Your Business Card Layout

by Mike Capuzzi | May 15, 2011

It's a fact that almost every business owner and entrepreneur uses a business card as part of their marketing arsenal. 
The typical business card is the most ubiquitous 7 square inches of marketing in the entire world - yet it's also a fact that 98% of business card layouts stink when it comes to doing something really important for the person carrying them - creating business!
Think back to when you created your first business card...what were you concerned with?
Your logo?
Using pretty colors?
What title you should use (e.g. President, Owner, etc.)?

Smart entrepreneurs who intently study Glazer-Kennedy style direct marketing know the power and opportunity of every touch-point with a prospect or customer and they start with their business card layouts.

If you don't believe me, attend a Glazer-Kennedy event and ask everybody you meet for their business card. I guarantee you will see some of the most innovative and outstanding examples of how people have really put the "business" in business card layouts.

The key is to think direct-response and create a business card that offers the person you're giving it to a chance to respond to something.

In the rest of this article, I am going to share 7 secrets for creating a powerful business card that will make you stand out and add dollars to your bank account.

Secret #1 - Don't Use Free Business Cards

You know the ones I am talking about. The offer is so tempting, I mean, "it's only a business card, right?"

These are the cards that have the not-so-little tag line on the back such as, "Business cards are free at..."

So what's your first impression when somebody hands you one of these numbingly boring cards?  - "Geez, they must not be doing so well if the best they can do is give me a free business card" - or something like that, right?

In the end, free business cards will end up costing you money. Don't use them!

Secret #2 - Create Specific Cards for Specific Purposes

Printing high-quality, custom business cards are fast and inexpensive. Any local printer can create them for you and there are a ton of Web-based companies that have 24 hour turn-around.

My advice is to have different business card layouts for different reasons and know your "reasons why" you need a specific card for a specific event. Ask yourself this important question:

"When I hand somebody a card - what is the one single action I want them to take?"

Recently I attended a copywriting seminar. One of my goals was to find suitable joint-venture partners for promoting CopyDoodles®. I specifically created one of my famous "mini-brochure" business cards specifically for this event. My local printer only printed 25 of them and they were laser-focused.

Consider creating business cards where you:

* Make a special offer
* Offer a free report, CD or gift
* Create an invitation for joint-venture partners
* Ask for referrals, etc.

Secret #3 - Double the Power with Double-Sided Business Card Layouts

If you only take one idea away from this article - this one is it!

I highly recommend every business card you print be a double-sided business card (printing on both sides).


Because you've immediately doubled the amount of space to have a clear, relevant marketing message AND because most people don't do this, so your card will stand out!  Makes sense... doesn't it?

Here are a few outstanding ideas of what you can put on the second side of your business card:

* A time-based offer
* A powerful testimonial
* Business-specific tips
* Photos of happy customers
* An area where you can write in a personal note to the person you're giving it to

Secret #4 - Don't Use Paper

Get this; your business card doesn't have to be the traditional paper card. Today, you can have a business card made out of metal, plastic, magnets, even wood. 

For years, I carried a business card CD-ROM, which is a computer CD (or DVD) in the shape of a business card, like the ones above.

My card contained a 5 minute video that auto-played when inserted into a computer and then immediately took the viewer to my web site after the video was over. I always got a decent response whenever I handed these out.

The biggest advice I can offer you with regards to creating a card out of something other than paper is to have a congruent reason why you're doing it. If you can match this reason with your main offer or business message - you'll be ahead of the game!

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Secret #5 - Add Emphasis with CopyDoodles

Smart marketers know CopyDoodles are the world's fastest and easiest way a personal, "me to you" look. They also add visual spice and a "wow-factor" to your marketing.

Use CopyDoodles and our matching CopyFonts to create unique-looking business cards that don't blend in with the masses, but stand out and get noticed.

Attract the reader's eye to specific areas of your card with hand-drawn arrows and stars or add a personal handwritten note like "Call Me" for a unique-looking business card.

Secret #6 - Add Personality with Caricatures

I believe every business owner and entrepreneur should have a caricature of themselves.

C'mon folks... life's too short to be boring and cookie-cutter. If you want your business to be invisible to the world... just do what everybody else in your industry is doing!

You can get a high-quality, custom caricature for less than $150 if you search the Web. They're a fun way to add some quirky personality and visual eye-candy to your business card layouts.

Secret #7 - Create a "Mini-Brochure" Card

My last secret is a big one - literally.

Who says business card layouts can only be 2.5 inches by 3 inches?

Did you know you can create a mini-brochure that has the same footprint as traditional business card layouts?

By simply adding panels to your card, you can easily 2x, 3x or 4x the area for your message.  I've used mini-brochure business card layouts for years and the one I created most recently was a double-sided, three panel card.

This means I was able to get three business cards worth of content into something when folded down was the same size as an ordinary business card.

Now I don't advise you to make a mini-brochure your primary card, but they do make sense when attending events or when you want to make a BIG impression.

You've gained tremendous insights by reading this far and I trust you will take action and make a few important tweaks to your business cards. 

Mike Capuzzi is a marketing strategist, author and speaker. Since 1998, he has been helping entrepreneurs and business owners improve their marketing and response rates. He's the inventor of CopyDoodles®, the highly acclaimed software for adding handwritten notes and hand-drawn doodles to your marketing for increased readability and response. To discover other smart marketing tips and strategies visit

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