The #1 Secret to a Profitable Web TV Show

by Charlie McDermott | June 12, 2011

"I would rather entertain and hope people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained. The former is much more profitable." - Walt Disney

Look no further than Walt Disney's quote when starting your "Profitable" web TV show for your business. When you create a show that entertains and provides value to your targeted niche, you'll have a solid hit that will send streams of targeted, ready-to-buy prospects to your doorstep.

When I speak about creating profitable web TV shows for business, I'm often met with blank stares when I cover the entertainment factor. Sure, we all love being entertained, but the challenge for many entrepreneurs is they see themselves more as a teacher. Entertainer... umm, not so much. Unfortunately, that keeps them from tapping into a phenomenal new source of sales, prospects, and website traffic. It keeps them from getting what I call, the "book on steroids" effect. Like a book, your web TV show will position you as a leading authority. And like other leading authorities the benefits to your business will include:

  • Instant credibility and increased name recognition
  • Free-reign to charge more for your services than your competition
  • Exclusive invitations to lucrative business opportunities and joint ventures
  • Paid speaking engagements in front of thousands of your targeted prospects and at higher fees
  • Celebrity status in your niche... that makes you irresistible and completely separates you from your competitors

So let's not let a little thing like "entertainment" keep you from achieving all these benefits!

All Marketing Is Theatre

Top marketers understand this and capitalize mightily. Think about the best sales letters and advertisements ever written. They were crafted as a story. Remember the Charles Atlas ad with the scrawny 97 lb. weakling who gets sand kicked in his face? Embarrassed and determined never to let that happen again, he starts a weight-training program. A short time later Atlas returns to the beach looking buffed and ready to reclaim his prize... the girl.

Ah yes, there's nothing like a great underdog story when it comes to selling a ton of products! The Charles Atlas Company was founded at the start of the Great Depression, 1929. To this day they still provide fitness products. And, they are still using that ad campaign.

All marketing is theater, whether it be radio ads, television commercials, direct mail, even classified or Facebook advertising. The "entertainment factor" keeps people reading the ad, letter, or postcard. It keeps them from turning the radio dial or hitting the television remote. Most importantly, it gets the marketing message consumed so it has a chance to get acted upon. Direct mail that's thrown in the trash, television commercials that are clicked off, and display ads that are ignored, never even get out of the gate and don't stand a chance in bringing in a sale. So, when we understand that we as entrepreneurs have, in many cases, been unknowingly entertaining our audience all these years, it helps us better grasp the concept of the entertainment factor for web TV.

Three EZ Ways To Add Entertainment To Your Show

1.) Be You!
You don't need to take juggling lessons, go to stand-up comic night school, or even sing. Just be yourself but with a lot of energy and passion. If you have ever written a sales letter, you know that it helps to be overly passionate about your product or service because when prospects read it, your written words will always read a degree or two less. The same goes with filming your show. Bump up your energy. Your passion will become infectious to your viewer.

2.) Humor
Jokes aren't necessary... screw ups are! Bloopers are always a hit. They can be saved up for a "Blooper Show", added to the end of your show, or just thrown in randomly. This is an easy way to get laughs even if your show is of a serious nature.

3.) Sound Effects, Music, Video Clips
Give thought to the pacing of your show. Are you talking too long without a change in scenery? Think of your show as a long-form sales letter. You would never send out an eight page sales letter without a headline, sub-headlines, boldface type, italics, CopyDoodles®, postscripts, etc. Why? All those effects make the letter more appealing and easier to read. Translation... more people read the letter and purchase.

Think of your web TV show as a multi-page letter in video. Interject humor, images, sound effects, music, and video clips to help you connect with your audience and keep them watching. Use these tools to keep your audience interested and watching just as you would use copy cosmetics to enhance your letter to keep them reading.

If You Whisper, They Will Come

Can you imagine watching a show where the host whispers through the whole episode? Wouldn't you at least want to know why the host was whispering? My friend Jim Palmer, a.k.a., The Newsletter Guru, did a recent episode of his show in full whisper. In Jim's case he used whispering to sell viewers on his latest launch... without "selling" them. The video was shot at 4:00 am, hence the need to whisper and not wake up the family. Of course the audience is asking themselves, "Okay, why are you working at 4:00 am?" BINGO... Jim informs them of all the work that needs to get done for his launch, what the product is, and when it will be available. By the end of the show, viewers couldn't wait for Jim's newest product to be released.

And If You Are Completely Silent...

Taking whispering a step further, Web TV pioneer Gary Vaynerchuk did a "silent" show earlier this year, the day after his beloved New York Jets football team lost a playoff heartbreaker to the Pittsburg Steelers. For over five-minutes, Gary, dejected, depressed, and wearing a Jets jersey, sits with a glass of bourbon in hand, and gesticulates his inner thoughts of the loss. Not a word is even mumbled during the whole episode, which saw an amazing three times the viewers of his prior show and double the comments.

If you aren't familiar with Gary, he has had a Web TV Show for over five years. His show has opened the door to appearances on every national talk show and news show in the country. His show, recently re-branded as The Daily Grape, has provided Gary a platform to write two bestselling books and become a highly sought after keynote speaker being paid a handsome fee to speak on stage. Over the five-year running of his show, Gary's family wine business has exploded to over 80 million in sales.

As you can see, there are different ways to entertain. How you do it isn't what matters. Getting started is the key. Once you do, you will find your own style and Web TV Profits will start Flowing into your business.

Charlie McDermott, the 2010 Glazer-Kennedy Insider Circle Marketer of the Year, is the Web TV Show for business authority. He has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs Profit with Web TV through his Live Web TV Show Profits workshops, his acclaimed course, The Web TV Show Blueprint and private coaching. His well-known web TV show -, continues to be the number one source of new business for his company, Stand Out Video & Marketing.



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