Marketing Beyond the "Like" to Generate Sales for Your Business

by James & Joey Bridges | June 19, 2011

The focus for many business owners on Facebook has been to get a rush of people liking their page. Large companies have launched commercials just to get people to join them on Facebook. Many companies, entrepreneurs, and small business owners, have generated impressive "Like" counts, and made that their #1 priority. They haven't taken a moment to plan out or strategize about what they are going to do with all of these people once they have captured their attention.

It is far more fun when talking to people to tell them you have 10,347+ people who like your fan page, as compared to telling them you have a 7% interaction rate. You may not even share with them the consumption rate of the new content that you put on your Facebook Fan Page.

Getting people to "like" your fan page is just like talking about traffic to a website. It is the first step toward building a business on Facebook. It should not be underestimated however knowing what you can pay, how much a fan is worth, and what to do with them once they get there. All this is just as important as attracting them.

Traffic and likes are sexy; conversion rates and interaction rates are boring. The reality is that without a focus on getting those who like your business to take action, all that traffic and attention will amount to $0. You might say, "well, it's good PR," but it won't add income to the bottom line.

We have a phrase that we would like you to adopt, and it goes as followed:

"The only reason for a business to be on Facebook is to generate additional sales."

To help you get the most out of those who "like" your fan page (whether that's 300 or 30,000), we invite you to consider the following elements as part of your Post "Like" Facebook Marketing Plan.

"Give Your Fans What They Desire & They Will Demand to Do Business with Your Company"

Facebook provides you a rich opportunity of sharing photos, videos, audio clips, and text. What media do your fans enjoy the most from you? What will make them snap out of their boring news feed and get them to "listen" to what you are saying? This can take some testing depending on your market. To get a jump start on your competition you should mix up the media you share and let the Facebook Insights tell you what people love the most.

The goal of providing your fans what they crave is simple. You want to lead them down a path of doing business with your company. The easiest way to think about this is to pretend to be your own customer. What information do you have to know before doing business?

Facebook is extremely visual so, presenting information to users doesn't have to be just text. Can you break up your sales process into a series of videos? Can you show pictures of a customer and his or her successes or orders that are leaving your store with pictures? What kind of audio can you provide to your fans that they will want?

With the different media available, you can attract additional sales by presenting the same information in different formats.

"No One Watches a Show That Doesn't Come On at a Regular Day and Time"

For just a moment think about your favorite TV show. You know that it comes on Tuesdays at 8:30 PM. What if that show sometimes came on at 8:00 and then at 9:15 or even 10:00 PM? You wouldn't know when to turn on the TV, and even your DVR might not save the program if the time slot changed variably.

Your Facebook Fans are the same way. They need a regular schedule to watch for your updates. When you are planning your update schedule you want to have answers to a few questions:

Should I update my page once a day?
Should I update my page 3+ more times daily?
What would happen if I only updated them once weekly?

Each business will have a different answer to whether they should update or shouldn't update on the schedules.

Facebook has shown that you can be a news source nearly instantly for those that you are connected to. Create a plan for regularly updating your page. With the regularity at which people check Facebook, a minimum is considered to be once a day. When you update your page with interest piquing information and items of value, your fans will crave more updates.

"Ask and You Shall Receive... Don't Ask and You Won't Receive Sales from Your Fans"

In order to generate revenue from your presence on Facebook it can't just all be about quizzes and contests. Whether you are selling Music CD's, Information Products, or Tennis Rackets at some point it becomes necessary to ask your fans to take action. You don't have to do this 100 times daily. However, you do have to make an effort to ask them to do business with your company.

When looking to generate sales from your fans "taking action" can take many forms. You can invite fans to an event at your store, you can share a link to a special landing page on your site, or you can even have a store on your page.

Making money from being on Facebook is about having a plan. You want to know when to ask for money and when to issue more content to lead them to doing business. Have a plan for monetizing your fans to take action with their pocket books. Your plan should fit with your market and what your fans expect from your company.

When you can share with fans more of what they crave, update your page to keep attention in the news feed, and ask your fans to take action with their wallets, you will be on your way to having a Facebook Marketing Plan that extends far beyond those first few "likes".


James & Joey operate a consulting and training company that guides business to building a profitable business presence on Facebook. Their tactics, strategies, and methods guide companies to generating sales for business units or entire businesses using the power of Facebook. Before James and Joey were entrepreneurs they consulted to Fortune 500 companies in the Information Technology arena. For 6 years they were instructors in the Internet Technology Program at the School of Engineering at the University of Southern California.


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