Why Do Some People Quickly Experience Success as an Entrepreneur While Most Others Struggle?

by James Malinchak | July 17, 2011

Whenever I meet an aspiring, new, or experienced entrepreneur for the first time, they usually ask me about the fastest way to grow their business.

My initial response is always, "Tell me about the Business-Building Mastermind Group you're a part of and tell me what you're doing on a consistent monthly basis to learn how to run a BUSINESS, MARKET, and MAKE MONEY!

I'm constantly shocked when they reply, "I'm not in one"... or, "I don't need one"... or even worse, "I can't afford one."

That last response really irritates me. What does that person mean they can't afford one?!?

Yah, but they can afford to put cigarettes in their mouth...or they can afford to buy expensive clothes...or they can afford to drink a fancy $3.71 coffee each day...or they can afford to spend money on expensive concert tickets.

Do they honestly want me to believe they can't afford to INVEST in themselves for the success of their business??

Then they wonder why they're struggling and experiencing personal frustration and anxiety over how they're going to pay the bills!

That just amazes me! Every once in a while, we get someone who decides to cancel their monthly membership in our monthly membership club and their reason is usually ridiculous.

For example, my staff made the mistake of showing me an email once stating the reason why a former member canceled his monthly membership a while ago. He said, and I quote, "James' stuff is awesome and I've already made money from following his tips. But I'm going to cancel my membership as I don't have time to read and listen to the information!"

Let me make sure I understand him correctly. He just profited from the tips but he can't find the time to read and listen to information that could bring him even more business and money?!?! I'm sorry but this just makes no sense!

If it were me, I'd stop doing all the other non-revenue-producing activities that I'm sure he's probably doing, and I'd make darn sure to be focusing on IMMEDIATELY opening the newsletter envelope each month when it arrives...IMMEDIATELY reading it cover to cover...and IMMEDIATELY implementing what I'm learning each month from this monthly newsletter, monthly CD interviews, and monthly hot sheet tips!

By the way, this is the same guy who will be making excuses for himself by moaning and complaining about how the economy stinks, or the speaking industry is going through a bad time or how nobody wants to hire him or any other "Let's Blame Everyone and Everything Else" type of excuse.

Personally, I would NEVER consider canceling the monthly coaching INVESTMENTS that I make in myself because I know that once I stop, my business will most-likely instantly decline.

Legendary author, entrepreneur, and business philosopher Jim Rohn had a saying: "Tell me how many books you've read in the past year, audio programs you've listened to, seminars you've attended, and coaching you've done, and I'll tell you how much money you're making!"

WOW! Talk about right on! I love that!

Remember this line that's been around forever: "You don't go to school once in your life, you should be in school every day of your life!"

Keep learning and investing in yourself on a monthly basis and watch your business soar to new heights!

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