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by Mike Crow | Aug 28, 2011

Over the last eight years I have been watching closely as business owners try to grow their business. The number one reason I see them fail is because of their lack of marketing (not because a lack of service) - the good news is that if you have keeping up with the NO B.S. EZINE or other GKIC Materials any amount of time you have improved in this area. They are bringing you people to help with this over and over again.

Help People Help Themselves is still my mantra... and we are creating the whole next generation of business owners who will help carry on this process - they are the "Marketing Business Owners".

To take this a little further, I just finished my Dream Team coaching calls for the month and on every single call someone is talking about how they are having their best year ever. Several are hiring - yes hiring, (if only our government could figure this out) - they are hiring marketing people because they are so busy with doing business they need help making sure more business continues coming in. Some are hiring assistants to help them with the business, some are hiring folks to help with the phones, and some are hiring additional workers to help with the extra work they are generating. On top of this, several one man operations became multi-worker firms in the last 12 months. On top of all of this, most of them have raised their prices and are now making more - in some cases a lot more. All I can say is wow.

The bottom line here is that we -- those of us paying attention to this information and using it -- have all found a safe haven from the economy that is ripping so many other companies to shreds. As I travel, I see and talk to a lot of business owners - many wish they could join us "Marketing Business Owners" - yet somehow just don't see how to afford it. I really want to tell them, "you can't afford not to." In fact, I want to tell them that is exactly why they need to join the rest of us. They need to move forward and secure their seats on this lifeboat. Call me crazy, but I just don't get it.

What Now...

Great question!. As basic as what I am about to share with you is - it's absolutely critical. To help make sure you are on track with all of the "Marketing Business Owners" you need to know this. And many - if not most - haven't been given this information.

This is important! All "Marketing Business Owners" divide their time usage into three different categories:

Focus time
Function time
Freedom time

I am only going to discuss one here and that is Focus time. I recommend that you find 2 hours per week to focus on your business. Many people say they can't do this - yet when I sit with them we always (did I say always - yes I did) find a way to set aside this critical time to build your business.

You need to make a list of the top 3 things you want to accomplish (add to your marketing in many cases). Even if it takes more than a week (say 4 weeks) to get a project done, if you are doing the right types of projects you will be creating systems that work no matter what you are doing. A few examples...

An email system that once set up will send out emails automatically for you daily or weekly...
A social media system that will automatically drop out information for you no matter what you are doing...
A newsletter that goes out to your top clients - that once set up only takes 5 to 10 minutes now per month... .
Hiring and training an assistant to do and maintain marketing systems for you... .

This is just the tip of the Iceberg. Join us at the 2011 Glazer-Kennedy InfoSUMMIT for more ideas of what systems to create. Also make sure you keep up with other GKIC publications and information, as they are sure to bring you new ideas in this area.


Mike Crow has run several successful businesses working in both brick and mortar with retail for over 13 years and then with several service businesses for the last 20+ years. Mike coaches hundreds of home inspectors across North America and helps train/support other coaches with their niche market. Mike is now the IBA - No BS Business Advisor for the North Texas GKIC chapter. For more information on creating your Niche Market Coaching Program email:


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