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by Rory Fatt | Sept 11, 2011

I own a traditional Kennedy Style Information Marketing Business. I sold information in the form of a kit, tele coaching, a high end mastermind group and had as many as 437 business owners a year attend my yearly Boot Camp. Although this business was generating several million dollars a year at the time I was starting to see early signs things were about to change for the worse.

It was getting harder and harder to get people to get on a plane and attend a live seminar even if they had paid their registration fee, customer acquisition costs were skyrocketing, seminars were getting more and more expensive to put on, hotels getting harder to deal with among other challenges. On a personal front I had a young family I wanted to change some things about my business and the direction it was going. The reason I liked the information business in the first place was I could change my business to reflect the lifestyle I wanted. After 8 successful years it was time to start to change direction.

My solution to my situation was to create a new service for my clients that didn't require me to put on HUGE Boot Camps, had more stable cash flow, and most importantly was something my clients wanted SO BADLY they would do anything to get.

I decided to sell it first to test the demand for A Done For You Service. As I learned earlier in my info business I'd figure out how to deliver it later once I could sell it. The first time I got up in front of an audience I described what I thought this Done For You Service would look like. I immediately got over a hundred people on a waiting list before I even knew what I was doing. I didn't even have a name for it yet! On subsequent occasions when I explained this Done For You Service I've sold as many as 70 to 80% of qualified buyers in a room!!!

Since I decided to launch Done For You Services, that one idea has generated a whole new multi million dollar revenue stream and it can do the same for you.

I launched Done For You Services because I wanted more time with my family, create a business that was an asset I could sell, have more predictable cash flow, would not have to worry about getting my clients on a plane to come to a seminar or worry about economic uncertainty.

As an information marketer I had taught 5,843 clients how to improve the marketing of their business. The reality is only a small percentage of these people actually implemented the direct marketing principles that I taught them. To have a better more stable business I decided I would deliver more value to my clients by helping them implement their marketing.

Done For You Services are what your clients or potential clients want more than anything. They'll crawl over broken glass then swim through a pool of iodine to get Done For You Services. For me I decided Done For You was Marketing Service. Most business owners just want to operate their business and have customers show up so they can serve them. They want to be OPERATORS not marketers. Even though they knew what I taught them worked they didn't want to do it. For me that was easy because all I had to do was implement what I had taught them.

There's lots of things you can do for Done For You Services, Websites, postcards, mailing services, lead generation really the list is endless. Anything you know how to do that your potential client doesn't know how or doesn't want to do but know they should. Even if your service isn't that good at first all it has to be is be better and more reliable than what they can do themselves. In most cases that's not that hard to do.

Here's the other things about Done For You Services. You sell it once and you have income for as long as you provide the service. Because you are doing something the business owner can't or won't do themselves if you don't really screw it up you'll generally have that client as long as the person is in business. I've found that the Life Time Value of a Done For You Client is easily worth 10 times or more. Those numbers are still climbing as I still have Done For You clients from the first time I launched the service as an idea 6 years ago. Done For You clients are better. They appreciate you more because you are doing something they can't or don't want to do. My staff is constantly amazed at how much they like us. Really!

Since the clients stay with you so long and the revenue more significant it's easy to attract joint venture partners to promote your Done For You Business. All a joint venture partner has to do is to let you speak to their clients on a teleseminar, webinar, or at one of their seminars. You can afford to pay them for who they refer to you as you have little marketing cost. This kind of joint venture arrangement is much more appealing to a joint venture partner than a one shot sale with one check. It's really easy to find joint venture partners that want to do business with you. We get 5-6 calls a week from people that want to do joint venture deals and promote our Done For You business.

I now have more sales in a few months than I did in my best year as an information marketer. Every month our sales grow despite the economic times. In fact during challenging economic times businesses owners are seeking out solutions that deliver a measurable result. The tougher the times the more they need you. If a client is having financial troubles they will always pay you first because they know how valuable your service is to their livelihood. Your clients will like a Done For You Service because you will be able to do it better than them so it will make them better and more professional than anything they do now. Most of my clients continually get told how impressed their clients are with their marketing.

The truth is Done For You Services Is What your clients really want.

Even if you don't want to do it yourself it's not hard to find someone else who is willing to do it for you and you can pay them to do it and keep a commission just for referring them to your clients.

If you want to build a business that is a marketable asset you can sell, a Done For You Business is the perfect solution. It's exactly what a buyer of a business is looking for. In the meantime while you are building it doesn't require you to be there every minute. You're not selling your time so you can really leverage what you do. All our business is over the phone or through webinars so it doesn't require any additional travel. IT TRULY IS A BETTER BUSINESS.

Anything can be Done For You. Postcards, websites, social media, texting, ad creation and placement, webinars, lead generation.

All the ways you would promote your business you can promote your Done For Services.

Rory Fatt is the President of Firepower Marketing Inc. one of the Nation's Leading Marketing Advisor to over 6,343 Businesses. You can find out more about his company at


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