No Regrets Only Results

by Brian Evans | Oct. 02, 2011

No RegretsAchievement is defined in the dictionary as a product of struggle. Struggle is defined as a fight, great effort, labor. Quite simply what this means is that if you want to win then you must also be prepared to fight and do whatever it takes to win. I believe that what really makes this difficult to comprehend these days is that the messages and technology that we see, hear, and use everyday is all about pushing the "easy" button or "nuking" it for 30 seconds. This may be true for some things, but not when it comes to achievement. If you were to study some of the greatest, most wealthy, and business savvy individuals in the past and present you will find that struggle, fighting, effort, and labor are at the core of their story. When you look at the history of our great country and how we achieved our freedom, this was a direct result of winning the great fight ag ainst our enemies, and struggling everyday to survive.

My friend, achievement of any degree isn't easy. In fact at times it can seem downright impossible. But those of us that are able to push through the struggle, and fight till you physically can't fight anymore are the individuals that will achieve our deepest desires.

Very recently a mentor of mine came to my office in Lexington and spent the day with me to help me better understand and determine who Brian Evans Jr, really is as an individual, as a husband, as a father, as a son, as a business owner, as teacher, as a mentor, etc . And let me tell you, this was not easy. However after about 6 intense hours of "white-boarding" (not sure if that is a word but it sounds good) I have no doubt that this important information was discovered for me. I believe at this time in my life, that I have finally gained clarity on who I really am as an individual, how I want to live my life, how I want to help others, and how I want to be remembered when I'm gone.

Who I am, what I stand for, and what you will learn from me going forward will not under any circumstances be a drastic change from what you have been learning from me in the first place. I am not changing my religion, money making beliefs, doing a 180 on you or doing things any different than I was before, but rather I will be sharing with you a more clarified vision of Brian Evans, and my philosophy. For me clarification is very important, and it is equally important for you as you too seek out and work hard for your achievements in life. Going forward, the vision for my life, and my hope and relationship with you in your life will be focused around 4 simple words: "No Regrets Only Results." I've discovered that this is how I've been living my life all along, only now it is clarified and simplified in my mind.

Now when someone asks me who Brian Evans really is, I can say with extreme clarity and confidence that I am the, "No Regrets Only Results Guy." Because in actuality, I'm really not just the real estate guy, or the speaker guy, or the best selling author guy, etc. Those titles are just vehicles and by-products of the real me. Don't get me wrong, they are all equally important to what I represent but if you want to know who Brian Evans is really, then all you need to know is that I am someone who has made a clear and definitive choice to live my life with No Regrets and do everything in my power to achieve personally, and help others achieve amazing Results. Hence the birth of: No Regrets Only Results.

When asked by the mentor that was helping me dig deep inside myself to determine who I truly was and what I wanted to be know as, for me it was all summed up when he asked me one little question, "If you could only pass along one message to your son, Ryder, about life what would that message be?"

My response was, "I would tell him to live his life with no regrets and to be the best person he could possible be."

Why live a life of No Regrets? Because the one thing that scares me more than anything else in this world is that when my time is up and I'm on my death bed and have only my past to think about and take pleasure in for the last few hours of my life. Or, if I'm looking down from heaven at the life that I was once blessed to have an opportunity to be a part of, then the very last thing that I want is to feel a sense of regret for having not done something, or having not at least tried that which I wish I could say that I tried, or having not helped others by sharing my beliefs and skills. Ultimately there is nothing scarier to me personally than living a life of regrets, and I vow to live my life so that never happens. "At least that's the plan," I said!

Why live a life for Only Results? In regards to being the best person that my son could be, I've clarified this to be the second part of my philosophy, which is, Only Results. Virtually everyday and every challenge in my life, from as far back as I can remember, I've always tried to be the best. No matter how big or small the challenge. And even though I wasn't always "the best" at what I did, I could always say that I tried my best. That to me is what really matters. I've never half-assed anything, and I hope that I never will, no matter how big or small the task. This drive and mindset was instilled in me by my parents at a very young age and for that I am extremely thankful. Sure, there were many times that I didn't like growing up and situations that I didn't always understand, but I know now that everything was meant to be.

In addition to this instilled mindset, the one thing that stands out in my mind above anything else when it comes to being the best I can be, is a message that was told to me by my Godfather, Tollack, at a very young age. He told me,
"no matter what you do as a career in life, or how you spend your days figuring it out, whatever you do make sure you strive to be the best at what you do. If you want to be a garbage man, that's fine, just make sure that you are the best garbage man there is. If you want to be a pilot, that's fine too, just make sure that you strive to be the best damn pilot around. Don't ever do anything half way. Always give everything you do 100% no matter what. Do this and you will live an amazing life." Unfortunately he passed away shortly after driving this message into my brain, but neither he nor what he told me will ever be forgotten.

This is why I now choose to live my life with No Regrets Only Results. This is the main message that I want to instill in my children's head and in your head going forward, because it is life-changing information. And if you take a step back and look at my philosophy from a simpler perspective, you will notice that it can be summed up even more clearly by saying, these are things that I don't ever want in my life; No Regrets. And these are things that I always want in my life; Only Results.

If you do anything after reading this article, I strongly suggest that you begin to think about what YOUR life philosophy is. Here's a question that will hopefully help you to move in that direction:

"If you could only leave one brief message to your children, grandchildren, family, or friends... what would that message be?"

May you live a life of No Regrets Only Results!

Brian Evans is a multi-book best selling author, real estate investor coach, info-marketer, and small business mentor. To learn more about Brian and get a free copy of his flagship book, go to or visit

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