China New Energy Trade Mission 2012

Poetica LLC is co-organizing a new energy trade mission to China.  The trade mission invites interest parties to travel to the epicenter of new energy development and funding in China (Beijing – Tianjin – Shanghai) in mid-April.

  • The trade mission has a clearly defined process to connect participants with Chinese investors/companies.
  • Companies seeking funding will be introduced to investors.
  • Qualified attendees will also meet potential market-entry or joint development partners.

Among the destinations:

  • China New Energy Chamber of Commerce
  • Several leading Chinese new energy companies
  • Meeting with new energy investment firms
  • Meeting with top IP lawyer from China Bar Association
  • Meeting with officials from several Chinese ministries and municipal governments that leads in new energy development
  • China Beijing Equity Exchange
  • China Beijing Environment Exchange
  • China Renewable Energy Society
  • Tsinghua University and China Academy of Sciences new energy labs
  • Binhai District ,Tianjin (“the next Pudong”)
  • And attend the Sixth China New Energy International Forum

The organizers are:

  • China New Energy Chamber of Commerce
  • Center for Center for the New Energy Economy
  • Poetica LLC
  • Planet-Profit Report Media


For a complete itinerary:

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