Pro Bono Advisory Committee

Message from the Chair

Thank you for accepting the call to lead your chapter's pro bono effort. 

The Top 3 mistakes to avoid in your first year as a Pro Bono Director.

1. Rush to establish or maintaining Community-Based Organization (CBO) relationship. You know your ideal target pro bono clients (people in transition or/and low income). Your role is to find where they hang out - CBO and provide service through a CBO accordingly. You may have existing CBOs from previous director to work with. In some case, you may have to find new one in town.

a. Solution - Leverage National CBO such as JA first to gain the momentum then look for new CBO. Especially CBO that exists in other chapters such as United Way, Goodwill, etc.

b. Available Resource - CBO resource and Sample MOU

2. Not retain and recruit volunteers. Your team is as good as how you lead them. Have a structure in place so they know what to expect and what success looks like.

a. Solution - Identify your 2011 calendar - layout what you're planning to do. Let your team know what you're planning to do, they will help you accomplish that.

b. Available Resource - Here is my sample for 2010. National leadership template link.

3. Jump to designing your services first. You're so excited to provide a specific workshop and ready to jump into designing the presentation.

a. Solution - Don't. There are plenty of workshop materials available for you to use. Many past pro bono directors, volunteers already done all the work for you. You can tweak the materials if you like. Let's not reinvent the wheel.

b. Available Resource - Presentations, Financial Assessment System/Money 101, pro bono brochure, etc.

All of us in the pro bono advisory committee have been in your shoes. We are here to help you to have a successful pro bono program this year.

  • Participate and gain insight from the pro bono community
  • Participate in Chapter Pro Bono Directors Quarterly Conference Calls
  • Join Linkedin Group - FPA Pro Bono
  • Have questions? Contact Amira Tart from FPA National.

Thank you for helping expanding the pro bono footprint nationally. Your contributions are greatly appreciated from all of us in FPA as well as pro bono clients.

Chia-Li Chien,  CFP®, CRPC, PMP
Chair,  Pro Bono Advisory Committee

Jan. 2011

About Us

Pro Bono Advisory Committee supports and assists with the advancement of FPA's pro bono program. Today's approximately two-thirds of all chapters have a pro bono director or equivalent, working to organize pro bono initiatives.  Volunteers across the country are donating thousands of hours of their time to assist underserved individuals and families.

Pro Bono Advisory Committee consists of current or former Chapter Pro Bono Directors. Members provide insight and best practices related to individual chapter programs/initiatives.

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