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by Edie Raether | July 09, 2012

eBook Publishers  (Eleonie)

1.    www.kobo.com     partners@kobo.com
2.    www.ebooks2go.com     info@ebooks2go.net
3.    pubinfo@overdrive.com     overdrive.com
4.    www.aptaracorp.comwww.ditechps.com    sales@ditechps.com
5.    5. Slicebooks       Slice 2 eBooks Free   Code   SLICEBEA
6.    Remix 1 eBook Free   Code BEA12
7.    Skuce abd Renux 20 eBooks     50% off   Code at checkout    50SR12
8.    www.LexParadigm.com
9.    www.allzonedigitial.com       richard@allzonems.com
10.  www.spi-global.com     jaime.israel@spi-global.com
11.  attributor.com     info@attributor.com     888 300 9114
12.  www.jouve.com    editorial-services@jouve.com
13.  www.ninestars.in     corporate@ninestars.in

Children’s and Illustrated eBooks...
www.MyTabletBooks.com     sales@MyTabletBooks.com     502 896 9644

Resources for Conversion and Production
www.metrodigi.com     415 578 2926     sales@metrodigi.com
2.    www.integra.co.in    Karen@grantham@integra.co.in
3.    www.inscribedigital.com      415  489 70000   digitalpublishing@INscribedigital.com
4.    www.impelsys.com    info@impelsys.com
5.    www.datamatcis.com     onlineprintmedia@datamatcis.com     800 717 9153

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