Two Simple Steps To Have Your Ideal Clients Feeling Compelled To Work With You!

by Heather Dominick | Sept 12, 2012

Chia-Li ChienI see so many entrepreneurs stuck and struggling when it comes to having a selling conversation. It breaks my heart because I can clearly see their energy is mismatched. You want to sign on clients but you are caught in a belief that selling is pushy and manipulative and dirty and embarrassing and you're not good at it, and the selling thing is not the business that you are in.

First let's understand why mismatched energy and limiting beliefs sabotage so many entrepreneurs.

A belief is simply patterns of thought that you have thought over and over until they form a pathway in your brain.

Example: Think of a well-worn path in the woods. It wasn't always there; at one point, was just grass and brush, but when you walk there again and again, suddenly there's a path. And you may even assume it's always been there. It doesn't occur to you to even go a different way. In your understanding, it's the way it should be. And it's the same with your thoughts and beliefs around what it means to sell.

You may find yourself thinking thoughts, like...

It's hard to get clients Moving people from a sample session into a paying client is hard No one will pay for my services in this economy

These thoughts also have self-judging thoughts attached to them.

What if I don't get enough clients? What if I fail? What do I say when they say no? What if what I have to offer isn't good enough? What if this all comes to nothing? I won't be able to pay my bills, my friends and family will be right, I'll have to get a real job and do work that I hate ...

And on and on and on.... these are what I call 'backstage thoughts'.

These "back stage thoughts" have feelings attached to them or an energy activated.

Feelings like:

- Fear
- Panic
- Worry

And that creates a downward spiral.

These backstage emotional reactions create an energy or frequency, and we are all like radio transmitters. These feelings are projecting a frequency and attracting other like frequencies.

So if you are dreading connecting with prospects, then guess what? They are picking that up. It's a mismatch. It doesn't matter what you say; there are so many entrepreneurs who are looking for the exact right words, but it's what you're truly thinking and believing that's being brought to the situation.

Keep in mind, the backstage is supposed to be supporting what's happening on stage. And great news! You get to set up a supportive back stage so that IS what happens for you when you are entering into a selling conversation.

How do you do this?

The best way to clear your energy and beliefs around selling is to clearly, authentically get your backstage supporting your onstage 110%.

When I coach with entrepreneurs, we pinpoint the story around these energy mismatches around selling. From there I am able to teach them a simple, powerful process to retrain their minds, to create new pathways and new frequencies to assist you in taking actions that will result in your life and business flourishing.

A result of those inner shifts and then ideal prospects feel you and react to you differently. Prospects that would never have felt connected before now feel compelled to work with you. It's simply and it's rewarding for both of you, and you have tons of clients saying 'yes'. Again, their experience is that you are an answer to a prayer.

Here's a quick exercise so you can get clear about where your energy and beliefs currently are around selling

Step 1: Ask yourself: "What don't I want when I buy something?" Some examples might be:
I don't want to feel like I'm pushed into a corner I don't want to be talked down to I don't want to be pressured I don't want to act out of guilt. Whatever it is for you, you want to get clear about what you don't want to experience.

Step 2: List out: "What DO I want when I buy something?"
Once you get very clear on the specific elements you don't want to experience in the selling situation, and then you can create a structured selling approach that creates the opposite experience for your ideal clients.

Here's the thing, even if someone handed you their selling process that works so well for them, if it's a mismatch for you, it will fall flat, and you won't get the same results. And you'll wonder: What am I doing wrong? Their process is not a match for you. The energy is mismatched.

So you have to get clear about what YOU want when you're buying and then CREATE an aligned selling system from there.

Your Call To Action

1. Choose to get clear about your current beliefs around selling. Ask yourself: 'What don't I want when I buy something?'

2. Start to identify the opposite experience you want to offer to your ideal clients. List out a "DO want" to partner with all of your "Don't wants" when it comes to selling.

3. Once you are clear about how you want your selling conversations to flow, step into connect with your ideal JV partners to attract those ideal clients and practice your selling conversations!

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