Understanding Leasehold Finance

by Andrew Black | Nov. 02, 2012


Today's commercial market is facing a phenomenal struggle and as some of the biggest businesses fail to withstand the after effects of an overzealous banking structure it may be just to assume that business growth, expansion or even a brand new business set up may be impossible. There is no doubt that in today's volatile market; the purchase of a property for commercial purposes may seem a somewhat impossible task and as banking lending restrictions are now tighter than ever; the words mission impossible no doubt come to mind but help is still out there.

For those looking to purchase a property for commercial purposes, seeking financial assistance can be a rather simple process with the help of leasehold finance. Leasehold finance in effect refers to a financial system in which a tenet seeks to commercially rent out a property in order to carry out a trade, be it legally related, retail or even medical and is in fact a method carried out by many businesses today.

The finance method itself, allows the business operator to pay a monthly rent sum to a landlord over an agreed period of time after which the property reverts to the original owner. Leasehold finance is available over a varying degree of time however, although it may seem the ideal alternative to a commercial mortgage, it is a risky deal and thus a business valuation will be required before any lender will determine your viability for such aid.

With the assistance of specialist leasehold lenders, any business can potentially be open to the abundance of leasehold opportunities available within the market and a range of loans may potentially be granted on a fixed term capital basis with an interest repayment plan. As a business owner, whatever your business size and industry; financiers throughout the nation will reiterate the importance of seeking the assistance of a commercial broker who in effect, can become the middle man and ensure your business is on the right path.

As the majority of leasehold finance agreements require a fifty per cent purchase price deposit; a broker will determine how much may be borrowed according to your business valuation and may potentially find you the ideal agreement; however every situation will vary. Seeking advice isn't something we state as a 'good two shoes' action but rather a must in such a situation, particularly as many agreements often only run for a short period of time…for the sake of your business and its future; financial support can be a make or break factor.

Leasehold finance is as close to a commercial property purchase as possible and can provide your business; new or longstanding, with the fighting chance it will need in today's heavy hitting economy. Be wary however that as simple as it sounds, leasehold finance is anything but and requires a level of complex understanding that only a specialist broker company may be in the position to provide.

Whatever your future business plans; with a little research and understanding, leasehold finance could become the ideal solution for you.


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