(Maegan Anderson) 7 Tips To Promote Innovation

by Maegan Anderson | Nov. 29, 2012

Creating a culture of innovation is one of the most important goals that any business in Australia is looking for. The keys to success of a company are innovative people, the unique ideas they come up with as well as their creativity to do it, can make all the difference to your business. And it can have a huge impact on your lead generation campaign, since each business will give your telemarketing team a variety of issues that will need solutions. Get innovative if you want to get better sales leads. But how do you adopt a culture of innovation in your attempts to produce more sales leads. Below are just a few steps:

1. Fan the flames of passion - passionate employees feel that they must do something great for the company. The passion to change the world, or maybe the company they work with, is one of the most powerful drivers for them to seek great solutions.

2. Reward creativity - we have seen it in a lot of companies, how they want to innovate, but actually punish those who do things differently. It is good to remember that being innovative will require changes in what one usually does. Reward creativity, either through public or private praise, perks, or maybe that occasional bonus check and you will get better results for your firm.

3. Encourage autonomy - just imagine what we will get if Michaelangelo bowed down and followed the Pope's idea on what to paint on the Sistine Chapel, and you might get something too bland for your taste. It is the same thing with your company. If you want to get good B2B leads, then you have to give your team free reign on how to effectively generate them.

4. Approve courage - one reason creative ideas land up in the dumpster is because the people who thought them up were discouraged by setbacks. Let your employees feel that you will not judge them harshly. Instead, encourage them to take smart risks, and whatever happens, be there to support them.

5. Fail positively - sometimes, failing can put a damper in the creative and innovative spirit of your employees. Once that happens, let them know that you can do better, and whatever bad results you get could be chalked up as a lesson to be learned. The point here is to keep going until you succeed in reaching your goals.

6. Go to the basics - why did you go into business? it is to succeed, right? Keep that mindset and you will keep things going well. If a part of your business is generating a lot of business leads, then try splitting them into two. You can keep your people thinking of various ways to keep improving and reaching the numbers again.

7. Promote diversity - you might be surprised at the ideas that you might pick up in a diversified work environment. People of different mindsets, cultures, color, gender, and even sports teams can work together to come up with great solutions for you business problems.

The only thing that remains is for you to put these steps into a reality.


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