(Andrew Black) How Can I Secure Financing For My Small Business?

by Andrew Black | Jan. 30, 2013


There is no doubt that 2012 was a difficult year for the UK commercial sector and despite an end to the economic recession, struggle still remains for many. Following the frightening reports of bank hikes and hidden fee charges that have forced many businesses into deep financial struggle and even into administration, gaining any form of commercial lending from the high street retailer or bank can be a worrying feat.

For the small business owner, the rate of loan acceptance by high street retailers and banks still remains questionably low and with the looming threat of a triple dip recession, it may seem like obtaining any support and vital assistance is not possible. Rest assured that all is not lost as the alternative lender has now proven to be the ideal source for commercial finance, whatever the business size and whatever the business needs.

The commercial mortgage broker is considered the ideal source for small business finance and can offer a range of options to suit your business needs. Acting as the middleman, a broker will work for your business and upon analysing business plans, accounts, bank statements and cash flow projections, will determine just what your business needs and can afford and will set out to match you with the ideal lender.

In contrast to banks and high street businesses, the commercial mortgage broker works for your business and hence success can only be achieved if your business achieves the ideal financial arrangement. An experienced broker will talk you through all the steps, fees and charges to find the ideal option for you and whether it is a commercial mortgage, invoice financing, a secured loan or bridging finance, you can rest assured that as an independent company whose success lies on the success of client deals, there will be no hidden charges, fees or hikes.

Why not research your local commercial mortgage specialist? An experienced broker will be happy to talk through all the available options and discuss what will work best for you and what's more is that; years of experience will ensure that your chosen broker will have access to unique deals meaning you often get the best interest rates available on the market.

Whatever the needs and requirements of your business, take the time to research commercial mortgage brokers, gather together as much information you can on the previous, current and projected success of your business and watch everything fall into place.

Whether you have suffered previous financial rejection, have an adverse credit history or are simply struggling to find the right solution, why not consult an independent commercial finance specialist today and secure the finance you need.


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