Qualities Great Leaders Must Have

by Gerald Moore | Apr. 02, 2013

We read of so many qualities attributed to great leadership. What we need to know and understand is that some are born with these leadership skills while some acquire it. Yes, leadership qualities can be learned with the proper leadership development training, practice and evaluation. Many management courses in the region specialize in this area. According to one article by Brian Tracy, here are a few of the most often important traits that make people stand out in an organization.

Vision. Not all individuals are able to excellently do strategic planning for the organizations they lead and to put this into action. Great leaders are not just contented with what they have at present but look into the future and prepare for changes that the future may bring for the improvement and success of the enterprise. Ordinary managers are action people who push their subordinates to get things done but outstanding leaders do more than that. They involve employees and tap their emotions, take into consideration their individual needs and goals in achieving a shared objective.

Courage. An outstanding leader has to have the guts to take steps toward the achievement of goals even if there is no guarantee of success. A leader must carry the philosophy that in life or business, for that matter, there is always a certain degree of risk associated with every action one takes towards the fulfillment of a goal.  Management courses in the region and other states include development of this trait in their programs.

Integrity. Most individuals being developed for leadership positions concomitantly agree that integrity is the foundation and an essential trait for every leader in a company, on both the internal and external aspects. Once a leader's honesty is put in question, everything starts to go down for a person being propped to be a great leader.

Humility. When you are on top of the corporate ladder, it is very easy to lose yourself and be so self-absorbed. An outstanding leader knows how to contain himself even with all the power he is given. Despite the high position, a good leader must still know when to admit being wrong and that there are things he won't be knowledgeable of, without the fear of losing his position nor feel demoralized. Great leaders know how to set aside pride and accept learnings from others, even from people lower in authority and give credit to whom credit is due.

Cooperation. A good leader must have the ability to bring people to work for the company's objective because without team cooperation success cannot be attainable no matter how good the leader is. The leader must be able to work harmoniously with each and every member of the team and manage to get their commitment to work for the success of the company's objectives.

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