(Marcus Boland) Experiencing Mental Blackout? Try These Activities To Improve Creative Thinking Techniques

by Marcus Boland | Apr. 05, 2013

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Experiencing Mental Blackout? Try These Activities To Improve Creative Thinking Techniques

All of us are born with creative minds and thinking capacity. We know it because we see that young boys and girls can be very imaginative. On the other hand, as they grow older, their creative juices would eventually be evaporated into thin air. This is simply due to the fact that they have become more exposed to electronically operated gadgets and technologies, and the harshness of reality.

Nonetheless, the creative traits that were once gone can still be learned again with the help of some creative thinking techniques. This article is going to provide a couple of reasons as to why a lot of individuals are experiencing "mental blackouts" and how we can get ourselves in touch with our former creative selves.

What are the causes of "Mental Blackout"?

1. It was mentioned a while ago the electronic gadgets, such as smartphones and laptop computers, have, in one way or another, tampered our imaginative way of thinking. This is because it limits us from interacting with the people and things around us. At the same time, a majority of these modern-day gadgets hinder people, especially the younger generation, to learn and discover the things that surround them. Gone were the days when people would have to mentally compute their estimated expenses while doing their groceries. But instead, they would simply rely on the calculator applications of their phones.

2. In this present generation, there are a lot of individuals who would rather spend their free time watching their favorite television show or busy playing with computer games. This habit can not only destroy our social life, but it can also hamper a particular person's ability to think creatively.

3. Another thing that could lead to lack of creativeness would be stress and exhaustion that is brought about by our demanding works and responsibilities. We have to admit that our world today is always "on-the-go" and in a hurry in comparison to the old times. As a result, men and women at the end of the day are not only physically tired, but can also be mentally drained.

How can we boost our creativity?

1. Since it was mentioned that stress can lead to intellectual dysfunction, one good way to revive our innovative selves is to clear our minds once in a while. Doing yoga or going for a jog around the neighborhood or race track are just two good ways of distressing.

2.. Another creative thinking technique that is tested and proven by a lot of individuals is to read books and other reading materials. This will only not let our imagination run, but it is also considered as an effective way of improving one's mental health.

3. Creativity and innovation can also be improved by solving mathematical problems and crossword puzzles. You can begin answering simple ones and gradually work your way to more complicated ones for intense mental workout.

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