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by Marcus Boland | June 10, 2013

Allowing oneself to be inspired is being "fired up", excited about something, even impassioned is what will push you towards creativity and innovation. Artists have always been inspired by other artist. Initially they might mimic their inspiration but hopefully that same inspiration will change into something uniquely their own.

Traveling around the world helps open up your creativity, to awaken your desire to help those around you and make things better for the people who suffer. That is if you don't wallow in self grief but become strengthen in your plan to help the world. The beauty in nature also will help you realize that you need to make things that could improve the world and not just break it apart for profit.

Doing something silly once in a while helps too. Maybe you just need to sit in front of a piece of paper and draw whatever comes to mind; just set the pen or pencil down on the paper and move your hand soon, something will come into your mind and before you know it you've drawn a pirate ship with fairies and hula skirts doing the Macarena. Maybe all you really need to do is take something you either love or hate and change it around until you love it (even more). I'd lean more towards the hate because you'd have more to change but the love would be a nice way to start out slowly. There is no limit to what you do so long as you don't hurt anyone else in the process.

Try thinking of things that inspire you as stepping stones that are moving you in a direction that you want to move .Be inspired by whatever it takes, but use that inspiration to make whatever you choose to do, yours. Visualizing that you're doing good and being creative helps a lot as well, Make your visualization detailed and experience the feelings that you would expect to feel if your dream came true; Also, when you are visualizing, be sure to experience it as if you were looking out of your own eyes.

Creativity can come from many different things, not just from pain which people thinks they are. The true is, behind what people call creativity, there can be a feeling like happiness, love, ecstasy, agony, even pain, and others. To create something, you can also be based on the work of somebody else. Not copying others work but making them your inspiration.

Being creative is all in the mind, not letting your mind be swallowed by hate and propaganda that is prevalent in everyday life is what you need. If you can be open to the positive things around you then it will open you up to a lot of creative ideas which in turn can better the world.

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