Making The Most Out Of The Innovation Process For Your Business Success

by Marcus Boland | July 29, 2013

Being an entrepreneur can be very challenging in today's market landscape. There are millions of competitors present and more demanding consumers. In order to achieve success, one great strategy would be to make the most out of the innovation process.

What is ideation?

a. This is the process that involves exploring, evaluating, and generating new ideas that can give your enterprise a competitive advantage.
b. Opinions, views, data, insights, trends, and knowledge are gathered in order to come up with a new idea that can solve problems, meet goals, and improve existing operations.

Who should take part in a company's ideation session?

a. Leaders and managers are not the only ones that should be present. It is important to get the right mix of people so that a broad range of input can be gathered.
b. Get team members from various areas of your company.
c. The persons that you choose should have great associative, creative, questioning, observation, networking, researching, and experimentation abilities.
d. Assign a leader who has a high authority in the enterprise to act as the team facilitator.

What are the steps involved in idea generation?

a. First is knowing what your target clients want. Take time to gather consumer insights, review social trends, analyze competitors, look into their lifestyle patterns, and study shopping habits. Examples of ways of doing this are by asking them to fill out customer feedback forms and conducting interviews.
b. After this, it is time for you to look inside your company. Conduct employee surveys, area inspections, and regular operational evaluations.
c. Gather all data from the first two steps and start brainstorming with the team. Find out what are areas that need improvement, problems that have to be solved, and operations that need to be updated. Knowing what the clients want and what your company is capable of offering directs the flow of thoughts while everyone brainstorms.
d. At the end of brainstorming, prioritization of ideas should be done. Let the team work together in evaluating, ranking, and selecting the best input for the development of the business.
e. Keep in mind that an idea will remain useless if necessary actions would not be undertaken. Make a report of the things that the creative team has come up with after the ideation meeting and present it to the owner so that necessary actions may be implemented later on. Also make a list of the needed resources and manpower needed to conduct the proposed plans.

Smart ideations can surely sharpen and enhance an enterprise. The creative thinking techniques involved in idea generation are simple yet effective ways of solving problems and meeting goals. Follow the tips in this post to serve as your guide.

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