IMC Carolinas Chapter Meeting - Feb 13, 2012

IMC Carolinas Chapter Meeting Chia-Li Chien Presenting
IMC Carolinas Chapter Meeting Chia-Li Chien Presenting
IMC Carolinas Chapter Meeting Chia-Li Chien Presenting
IMC Carolinas Chapter Meeting Chia-Li Chien Presenting
IMC Carolinas Chapter Meeting Chia-Li Chien Presenting
IMC Carolinas Chapter Meeting Chia-Li Chien Presenting

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Carolinas Chapter Meeting

Converting Your Business Profits into Meaningful Personal Wealth
Chia-Li Chien CFP, CRPC, PMP

CEO, Chief Strategist
Value Growth Institute

About the Program

Best-selling author of "Show Me The Money", Chia-Li Chien, discusses creating change in your business that really matters to you and your team. EVERYONE has a need to become financially independent from the business they create. MOST can express how much it will take to achieve that independence. MANY can share ideas about it or articulate what needs to be done. SOME can generate a detailed action plan. FEW will actually execute the plan. Your business is an investment. Define your plan to get paid what you're worth. Chia-Li will show you how to capture the financial return and reward you deserve for all your years of hard work.

Chia-Li’s lessons will not only provide valuable insights for enhancing value in YOUR consulting practice – but these insights can help you shape how you position your consulting services to create VALUE for your CLIENTS!

In this interactive workshop, Chia-Li will cover three things:

  1. What makes a business valuable? (form investors/buyers' perspective)
  2. What mistakes to avoid while building your business?
  3. Strategies you can put to use today to begin building value for your business
About the Speaker

Chia-Li (pronounced JOLLY) Chien, CFP®, CRPC, PMP is CEO and chief strategist at Value Growth Institute, dedicated to creating business value that transforms your world.

Chia-Li is also a Midas Advisor to MidasNation, a community dedicated to helping private business owners increase the value of their firms. She is the award-winning author of Show Me The Money and faculty member of American Management Association. Her blog and newsletter was recently named a top small business resource by the New York Times "You’re the Boss” blog.

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2012 Board Elections

We will also be voting for our 2012 Board of Directors and Chapter Officers.

Can't make it? You can vote here.
DEADLINE - Friday, Feb 10th NOON

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Dinner with Speaker

2012 Outlook for Small Business
Lynn Douthett, District Director
North Carolina District Office
U.S. Small Business Administration

About the Program
In addition to talking about the 2012 outlook for small business, Lynn will also discuss SBA resources that are available to small businesses as well as consultants.

About the Speaker
Lynn Douthett was appointed District Director of the U.S. Small Business Administration's North Carolina District Office in June 2010. She oversees the delivery of agency programs such as financial assistance, management counseling and business development throughout the state of North Carolina. Lynn joined SBA in 1997, and managed the SBA's National Call Center in Charlotte, NC. After a time in South Florida, she returned to North Carolina in 2003 and was named Deputy District Director.

Prior to joining SBA, Lynn worked for 15 years in the banking industry. She has also been a small business owner providing specialty-painting services for commercial and residential clients.

Agenda for the Day


1:00 - 1:30 pm Registration
1:30 - 5:00 pm
5:00 - 6:00 pm Networking & Cash Bar
6:00 - 8:00 pm Dinner & Speaker
IMC USA Members & Students:
$60 - Entire Program
$30 - Workshop Only
$40 - Dinner & Speaker Only

Visitors and Guests:
$75 - Entire Program
$45 - Workshop Only
$45 - Dinner & Speaker Only


Grandover Resort
1000 Club Road, Greensboro, NC 27407


How to get to the Grandover

Jennifer Leake


Plan to attend and
bring a friend or colleague.

Network, enjoy informal conversation with colleagues,
and come prepared to learn and to grow your business.

Attendees List:

Dana Arbuckle
Tom Bixby
Barry Denny
Beverly Freeman
Paul Halas
Ed Jones
Bill Leake
Jennifer Leake
Don Matheson
Corliss McGinty
Joseph Mercier
Ira Miller
Felix Nater
David Norman
Thomas O'Shea
Robert Segal
Leslie Sprick
Irene Y Wong

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