I Predict . . .2X10

Our columnists and bloggers offer up their forecasts for the coming year.
By: Eve Gumpel compiled this report. | 12/30/2009

--Chia-Li Chien, "Financial Independence" columnist, principal of Chien Associates LLC

"I absolutely predict that you will see many new home-based and low-cost business opportunities in 2010. You can see by many of the new businesses from Entrepreneur's franchise list that home-based businesses are rising to the top. With shows like The Big Idea and Shark Tank, the entrepreneurial spirit is ignited. People are seeing real people gain success by following their dreams. It's no longer out of reach. Similarly, you will see the rise of mompreneurs as moms realize that they can have it all. Mothers are realizing they can have a stimulating career that is supportive of family if they create it for themselves."


Chia-Li Chien, CFP®, CRPC, PMP; helps women entrepreneurs to convert their business into meaningful personal wealth.  She is the author of Show Me The Money and columnist for WomenEntrepreneur.com & Fox Business online.   She is available for consulting, speaking engagements and workshops.  She can be reached at www.chialichien.com or jolly@chialichien.com.


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