I Resolve...2X10

Our columnists and bloggers tell us their goals for 2010.
By: Eve Gumpel | 12/29/2009

Ah, New Year's resolutions. As December rolls into the New Year amid a surfeit of parties, holiday treats and expanding waistlines, we begin thinking of ways to improve both ourselves and our businesses in the coming year.

With that in mind, WomenEntrepreneur.com asked our columnists and bloggers to offer up their business resolutions for 2010. The responses were sometimes amusing, always thoughtful and--happily--cheerfully optimistic.

Here's what our experts have to say:

Name: Chia-Li Chien
Column: Financial Independence
Business: Chien Associates

Chien realized that some of her marketing efforts in 2009 were not particularly successful. So she recast her plans for 2010.

"Starting in 2010, I will only do very targeted, active marketing. The area of marketing I'm going to decrease is networking at two business associations. Instead, I will do more public speaking.

"I used to spend lots of money hosting a holiday appreciation dinner for my clients. That was so ineffective. In 2010, I will introduce a quarterly business retreat to show appreciation for my clients and to help them grow. My clients will invite their clients to attend this quarterly business retreat. The goal for my first meeting is 25 business owners. I expect this to grow to 100 business owners in the fourth quarter of 2010."


Chia-Li Chien, CFP®, CRPC, PMP; helps women entrepreneurs to convert their business into meaningful personal wealth.  She is the author of Show Me The Money and columnist for WomenEntrepreneur.com & Fox Business online.   She is available for consulting, speaking engagements and workshops.  She can be reached at www.chialichien.com or jolly@chialichien.com.


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