Four Essential Leadership Techniques You Can Learn From Horses

by Phil Pioneer | Aug. 05, 2013

It can be awkward locating that business edge over your rivals and competitors, equine leadership coaching can not only help you attain this but also help you to lead more efficiently. Although it's relatively brand new to the UK, equine training has been a long time recognized in the US and now firms around Great Britain are providing people the chance to work individually with horses and develop leadership skills they never dreamed they could possess.

Being effective with horses can show us a great deal about the important expertise required to be a great leader. Take a look at the following to find out more about exactly how your leadership techniques could be developed through working with horses.

1. Aspects such as group dynamics can be attained by observation of horses socialising in a herd, revealing how successful hierarchies are developed. Even in a situation in which their are often horses that appear to be more powerful and volatile, the herd leader is in most cases able to command the entire group without resorting to intimadatory tactics. This is an important lesson for leaders who want to thrive in the long term as it's far more effective to get your team on side rather than bullying them into doing the things you want.

Are your customers being served? (part 2 of 2)

How customer service impacts your business value

by Chia-Li Chien | Aug. 05, 2013


Chia-Li Chien, Are your customers being servedIs it time to take a fresh look at how you go about creating value in your business? Bob Petruska, part of the Value Growth team and author of Gemba Walks for Service Excellence, has a philosophy that when you set up your internal people to be successful in customer service, there is no excessive work and re-work to do.

In a hierarchical organization, which is found in most companies, the employees are wired to ask, “What is best for me or my department?” As a result, corporate goals are centered around departmental objectives and needs because it is traditionally easier to manage and optimize in pieces.

But Bob wants business owners to ask,  “What does the customer want?”

Yes, that’s right. What is best for your customer?

It’s counter-intuitive to most organizational thinking.  It may be, if you wanted to admit it, the last thing on your mind.

What—or who—is holding your company back? (part 1 of 2)

Taking a step back can make it possible to take a giant leap forward

by Chia-Li Chien | Aug. 01, 2013


Where do you find your business as we go into third-quarter this year? Are you in recovery from the economic slump, still trying to get up to speed? Are you in a place that allows you to start now building a firm foundation against the next economic wave? (See my article titled "Recovery" dated Wednesday, 03 July 2013.)

Bob Petruska, part of the Value Growth team and author of Gemba Walks for Service Excellence, says that business most owners can benefit from improving and innovating their internal systems. These are the business owners who are currently thinking:

•    This is broken and we need to fix it.
•    I want to take a fresh look to make sure we are making the best decisions possible.
•    I want to step back, take a look and create a vision for the future.
•    I want to leapfrog my competition.

As a systems engineer, Bob works with business owners to improve their work systems. He helps companies and manufacturers be first to market so that they can charge a premium price ahead of competitors through a Value Stream Mapping process.

3 Secrets to a Leadership Resume That Earns a Promotion

by Laura SmithProulx | July 30, 2013

Moved up to a new level at your employer, but without the executive title to match?

To win a promotion while hunting for your next role, you'll need to prove leadership abilities - compelling employers to consider you for that next step on the career ladder.

This scenario can be challenging to address within the confines of a leadership resume. Are you stuck listing your job as Manager when you're really a Director?

What if you're actually a Senior Program Manager, but have never had a formal promotion? Do you have to settle for Controller when you perform the job of the CFO?

Of course, you'll need to be truthful, while conveying your capabilities at the right level for the job you want. Here are 3 strategies for writing your leadership resume for a coveted promotion - even if you're lacking the title that reflects your abilities:

1 - Title your resume appropriately for the next level.

A resume title, which is often used as a heading to introduce your objective, serves as a signal to employers that you're pursuing a promotion. In addition, you can use a descriptive headline, or tagline, in the opening sequence that strengthens your case.

Making The Most Out Of The Innovation Process For Your Business Success

by Marcus Boland | July 29, 2013

Being an entrepreneur can be very challenging in today's market landscape. There are millions of competitors present and more demanding consumers. In order to achieve success, one great strategy would be to make the most out of the innovation process.

What is ideation?

a. This is the process that involves exploring, evaluating, and generating new ideas that can give your enterprise a competitive advantage.
b. Opinions, views, data, insights, trends, and knowledge are gathered in order to come up with a new idea that can solve problems, meet goals, and improve existing operations.

Who should take part in a company's ideation session?

a. Leaders and managers are not the only ones that should be present. It is important to get the right mix of people so that a broad range of input can be gathered.
b. Get team members from various areas of your company.
c. The persons that you choose should have great associative, creative, questioning, observation, networking, researching, and experimentation abilities.
d. Assign a leader who has a high authority in the enterprise to act as the team facilitator.

Consistent, Excellent Service

Attention to customers can improve your business value!

by Chia-Li Chien | July 26, 2013


It sometimes only takes one person to make a difference in your customer’s experience. It’s up to you to equip that person to deliver what you want for your customers.

Recently, my bank called to say my bankcard had been internally compromised and they had to cancel it immediately. Since I had electronic payments scheduled on this card, but was not going to receive a new card for a few day, I was not happy about that, but what could I do except to call those companies, tell them what was going on, and hope that they could delay the transmittal? All that did take up part of my day and was an inconvenience to me as the bank’s customer.

The new cards were issued and we went about our business as usual, until the bill came it and showed a $50 charge for an airlines mileage program, which we had had five years ago, but not on the card that was cancelled. We called the bank again, and they asked us to fax the bill (we have a scanner, not a fax machine) and write a letter saying we had not requested the mileage program membership and to please remove it.

At that point, while I remained courteous and professional, I had to ask the customer service representative, “Why should I have to spend more of my time getting all that done for you to correct a mistake that your bank made? Why can’t you just take it off while we’re on the phone? I know these calls are recorded, which should act as my approval for removing the membership.”

“I’m sorry. I’m not authorized to do that,” was the customer service reps reply. While she agreed with me, there wasn’t anything she could do, I was forced to ask to speak to her supervisor—and then HER supervisor. The whole thing, from the cancelling of my card and leaving me in a bad spot to then issuing a card with a membership charge I did not request or authorize, was a customer service train wreck.

Innovation Management - Improving Your Company's Performance

by Marcus Boland | July 23, 2013

When you plan to run an online business, keep in mind that having a great start is not enough. It is important that you know how to make necessary adjustments and to do a strategic planning in order to maintain the good business flow. By learning an innovation management, beautiful results will just come along the way. In order to overcome snags regarding marketing and business production, you need to be creative and competitive in every way. If you don't want to fail or get behind the tough competition in the business world, then you need to create unique and effective marketing methods.

As you have observed, there are a lot of enterprises that continue to grow and expand and that is because of the good business management that is being carried out by the business proprietors. You can make your firm flourish by improving its current standing. If you are open to changes, then there is a great possibility that you accomplish something new and better results. In the world of internship, it's important to possess inventiveness for the improvement of your company's performance as well as its production.

Apparently, there are enterprises that are still sticking to the traditional strategies and are not willing to embrace change. It is true when they say that it is healthy to accept change because everything in this world is constantly developing. If you want to enhance your business production and to boost its promotion, then you need to embrace innovation management. It will certainly help you get wonderful outcomes. This is a challenge for all business owners who want to succeed and to make their firm become outstanding in the industry.